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Saving Tips for Summer Part 3

Summertime can be a budget killer as kids are out of school and vacations are happening. Here are a few more tips for saving money during the summer months.

#11: Skip professional repairs and do them yourself. Nowadays you can learn anything from youtube! Nathan and I once repaired a broken piece in his car saving us hundreds of dollars! Plus you’ll learn new skills that you can use in the future. Even if you have to buy a new tool, you’ll still save money doing it yourself.

#12: Stock up at Dollar store for snacks. If you’re going on a road trip (or the movies) this is a great place to stock up on snacks. This will keep you from spending too much on snacks, but still give everyone the opportunity to buy their favorite.

#13: Look for discounts on rental cars. Don’t pay full price for a rental car. Look for discounts from rental companies. You can also install Honey on your browser and it will automatically look for coupons for whatever you are shopping for.

#14: Pause gym membership. See if you’re able to pause your gym membership during the summer. Since it will be so nice outside, you can exercise outside (even at the beach). You can even try free videos on youtube and learn a new way to exercise.

#15: Find Vacation discounts. With resorts finally beginning to reopen, there may be deals at resorts and attractions. If you’re comfortable with traveling, check out sites like kayak or travelocity for deals. Also, call the hotel directly, they will often beat online rates.

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