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Is money a stress for you?
Are you a struggling Small Business Owner?
Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Do you work too hard and have nothing to show for it?

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About Me

We were financially normal: student loans, credit cards, car payments and a house payment. My husband and I were surviving, but not building a solid financial future.

In 2008 we got caught in financial turmoil. Our income was cut in half and with a toddler we were not able to see a way out. We had to short sell our home and move in with my parents in 2009.


In 2010 we found Dave Ramsey and finally had hope for our future. We were $114,000 in debt...but we had a plan. Working the Baby Steps, we were able to save a small emergency fund and then start paying off our debt.


After 4 1/2 years we were debt free! Continuing to work the Baby Steps, we now have an Emergency Fund and were able to purchase a home.

As a Bookkeeper, Daily Money Manager and Financial Coach since 2020, I help my clients reach their financial goals and achieve a peaceful financial life.

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I normally have a massive stress case and will make a really poor financial decisions like not paying bills. Having you around has really allowed me to focus on the next right indicated step and work on the things I can control instead of stressing on things I have no control over or things that have not happened yet.

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Hey Michele.  I just wanted to say thank you.  I took the time to reconcile my budget today and I'm not feeling any stress about money right now.  I'm actually feeling pretty darn good.  You are a true blessing.

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I am very grateful for Michele.  After each session I feel the heavy burden being lifted slowly because you answer my questions thoroughly and give me good advice..  I can smile at the future for the first time.

Michele has played a huge role in our progress and I am thankful for her from the bottom of my heart.

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Before starting with Michele my budget and finances were horrendous. I was making monthly payments on many different credit cards, I wasn’t able to save any money. I dreaded every paycheck because I knew I’d be broke after paying every bill. It was a constant stressful situation.


Michele has given me tools that are useful and ideas that I never even considered.I feel more in control of my money.


My stress level has diminished almost completely. I look forward to my  appointments with Michele. She encourages me and keeps me motivated to do better and to PLAN!! 


Michele’s service is incredible. She is open-minded, fair ,and  listens to my concerns and helps me work through issues. I have total trust and confidence in her guidance,  knowledge of money and most definitely, Michele, as a person.

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