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Christmas Savings Part 4

Here are my final thoughts on how to save for Christmas…

#5: Sell Stuff. Go through your home and figure out what you aren’t using anymore or stuff you forgot you even had! When you updated a room, did you end up with leftover furniture or decorations? Want updated decorations for the holidays this year...sell last years! Using craigslist or FB marketplace are easy ways to upload pictures of your items. Just make sure your asking price is competitive and remember the goal is to get rid of the items while making some money, if you never sell them you’ve failed.

#6: Drop the Subscriptions. Look at your monthly spending and see if there are monthly subscriptions you are paying for things that you aren’t using. Cancel them or pause them if you’re able. Look at itunes subscriptions, meal prep subscription, gym memberships...see what you can streamline in your expenses. I love the ease of meal prep subscriptions, but realized that I was spending $80/week on them and that it was cheaper to purchase my own groceries and get recipes off pinterest!

#7: Look for deals early. Yes, there are deals right before Christmas, but don’t forget about Black Friday shopping or even sales that happen throughout the year. Also don’t forget online sites that give deals, like Groupon or cash back reward apps like Ibotta. I’ve also recently added Honey to my website browser so it automatically looks for coupons on items I’m shopping for at that moment. Shopping early will also help remove some of the stress of the holidays. My sister always brags about her Christmas shopping being done by Halloween! Just make sure you don’t hide the gifts so well that you forget about them.

And lastly #8: Have a DIY Christmas. This is honestly one of my favorites! I love DIY gifts. Pinterest has a ton of ideas that are easy and affordable, I even have my oldest son help me. We’ve done picture coasters, personalized ornaments, hand drawn mugs, plus I’ve knitted slippers for most of my family. Everyone enjoys the personal touch of the gifts and I use them as teacher gifts as well (not the slippers). I already have this year’s idea ready and can’t wait to get started.

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