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Daily Money Manager vs. Bookkeeper

As I explain how I help people as a Daily Money Manager, people often assume that it is the same as a bookkeeper. DMM is not as well known and people know the term bookkeeper. While both keep an eye on personal finances, a Daily Money Manager is distinct because of who we work with and how we work. Bookkeepers are more for business finances and a Daily Money Manager is handling personal finances. I personally do work with small businesses as a Daily Money Manager, but that is because often their personal finances have become intertwined with their business finances.

As a Daily Money Manager, I am a problem solver for people’s personal finances. As a Financial Coach, I teach people how to manage their own finances. However, sometimes people are not able to (or have the desire to) learn. They just need their finances managed. I help elderly adults, I help busy moms, I help overwhelmed couples and I help small business owners. I help people stay on track with their finances by paying bills, reconciling accounts, creating budgets and saving for their goals. Each client has individual needs, so I offer a free consultation.

If you are struggling with managing your day to day finances or if you have an elderly loved one that needs some help, please reach out. I am here to serve you.

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