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Finances after Covid Part 2

Finishing off the topic of finances after covid, here are my final tips:

#4: Make a plan for items that were put off. Mine and Nathan’s job have both of us working a lot of weekends, so when covid came along we had time off together (for the first time in over 10 years). We were able to do a lot of projects around our house that would have otherwise not been finished. If you feel like your finances are more stable, perhaps now is the time for you to check things off your to-do list. This may be the time to get the car serviced as it hasn’t been driven as much or finally go to the dentist!

#5: Keep some cash on hand (just in case). Perhaps during this time you already piled up some cash...good for you! This may be a good time to keep some and bulk up your emergency fund a little. Make sure that you have paid off your debt though! There’s no point in earning .65% in interest, but paying 12% on debt! If you’d like ideas for where to put your savings for a later date, look back at my post on Sinking Funds!

#6: Check in with your Financial Advisor. It has been a bumpy ride for investments over the last 6 months! Check in with your Advisor to see how your funds are doing and if there are any changes you should be making. Also, if you’ve changed jobs during this time, make sure that you’ve moved your old 401(k) and are taking advantage of any offered by your new employer.

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