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Financial Tips Part 3

Finishing up my list of tips…

#13: Save at least 15% for retirement. Once you’re debt-free and have your emergency fund, start saving for retirement. If your work has a 401(k) you can add your money there or invest on your own. Dave has recommendations for this as well, and they have served my family ask me!

#14: Mortgage should be no more than 25% of income. By living in a home that doesn’t drain your bank account, you will have money for investments and life. Make sure that whether you rent or buy that it is not eating all your money.

#15: Cut up your credit cards. Don’t save them for an emergency...that’s what your savings accounts are for. They will only get you into trouble.

#16: Get an extra job. There are lots of ways nowadays to make extra money quickly. If you’re not able to pay all your bills each month, go get another job. Have large debt and a small shovel, get another job. Increasing your workload will not only give you more money each month, it will make you too busy to spend money.

#17: Sell stuff. Clean out your house and see what you have that you no longer use or need anymore. There are many sites online and in person stores where you can sell your stuff and put that money towards your financial goals.

These are great tips and can be hard to do on your own, so reach out to me. I’m here to help.

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