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Finding Peace of Mind Part 1

It has been a crazy 18 months for my family and I’m sure your family too. During this time, my anxiety and stress levels varied many times...from confidence to anxiety about the future. Living in a constant state of stress is not healthy. Whether that stress is from work, money or home issues it takes a toll on our general wellbeing.

Over the next few days, I’ll share ways to Find Peace of Mind.

#1: Face uncomfortable truths head on. I often work with clients who are financially stressed mainly because they don’t know the truth about their finances. Once we dig deep and expose everything, it is usually not as bad as they thought. It is always better to know the truth than to hide from it, no matter the situation. You can’t fix what you don’t know.

#2: Journal. I have journaled off and on through the years and often find that it brings clarity of my thoughts as I pour everything out. Set aside some time to just get the thoughts down, even if they don’t make sense or aren’t logical. It helps your brain work through its thoughts.

#3: Connect with people you love and trust. It is important to have that person that will just listen and you verbalize what is causing your stress. Plus it helps you not feel alone. As we found during Covid, human connection is very important in our lives. Just be with people who love you and you’ll feel better.

#4: Be active: One of the best stress relievers in exercise. So figure out what you love and go do it. It will help clear your mind and is healthy for your body!

#5: Spend time outside: Get some fresh air and some vitamin D from the will improve your mood. Take a hike or sit at the beach, whichever feeds your soul.

More tips to come...hope these are helping!

If you’re having financial stress, contact me...I’m here to help.

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