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Holiday Stress Part 2

In a survey conducted a few years ago, 62% of people said their stress level increases during the holiday season. And that was before all the stress from I’m sure that everyone’s stress level is at a peak currently. I know mine is!

So continuing on our theme of reducing Holiday Stress, here are more of my suggestions for how to handle stress this time of year.

#4: Know your role in the situation. Sometimes we increase our stress by taking on more than we should (or need to) in a situation. If you have to go to a home of someone you’re not fond of, before you arrive choose to not absorb their passive-aggressive behavior or listen to their opinions on how you’re living your life. Choose to be kind.

#5: Limit your time on Social Media. Stay off Social Media if you are stressed. Those “picture perfect” instagram and pinterest feeds won’t do anything to help lower your stress levels. These are usually more fantasy anyways, but all you will do is compare yourself to others, sometimes not even people you like! Try to spend more time with actual people than your “friends” on social media.

#6: Say No. This year especially it is hard to be everywhere and attend everything. So say no. Know what you can handle and only do the things that bring you enjoyment.

#7: Picture the Christmas you want to have. This is the perfect year for a holiday reset. Decide how you want the holiday to look for you and your family, is it everyone gathered together and lots of noise and chaos or is it a smaller gathering? Share your picture with your loved ones so they understand where you’re coming from.

#8: Make a Christmas Budget. I know, I keep saying this...but that’s because it’s so true. When your money just disappears it causes a lot of stress, so create a budget and stick to’ll have a more stress-free holiday, I promise!

#9: Don’t overdo it on the Sugar! This is a hard one for me...with all the yummy snacks and drinks it’s hard to say no. But too much sugar messes up your natural hormone responses. Not to mention too much caffeine can make you super anxious and unable to sleep...I know it does me. Try to get outside and get some fresh air and a little bit of exercise. This will help release the stress hormones in your body.

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