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Money Tendencies Part 2

Continuing to talk about money tendencies, remember...everyone is wired differently. None of these are negative, it is just being aware of what makes you who you are!

#4: Quality or Quantity: Quality people pay for a quality product. They spend a lot of time researching before they buy something and are not typically impulse buyers. This is Nathan. As a quality spender, you do need to make sure that what you’re buying is an item that needs to be top quality or if you could get by with saving a little money. A Quantity person likes the possibility that variety provides. They are often great bargain shoppers and pride themselves on the art of the deal. This is me...I will spend an hour looking for deals to save $1!

#5: Safety or Status: Safety people want the security that money can bring. They want to know that they are financially set to handle any situation that may arise. But be careful that you aren’t living in fear or not putting your trust in God. Status people value brand name and luxury items. They enjoy the finer things in life. But you need to make sure to keep your heart and your spending in check. Don’t let stuff define you.

#6: Abundance or Scarcity: Abundance view is that you think there is always enough for everyone. They tend to take more risks and don’t make decisions based on fear. They are also natural givers. Scarcity believes that resources are finite. They tend to hold onto their resources tightly for fear that if lost they won’t be able to replace them. Always remember that God will provide for you.

#7: Spontaneous Giver or Planned Giver: Spontaneous Giver gives more freely and without research, but with just the emotion of their heart. Sadly, however, this may not always have the impact that they are hoping it will. The Planned Giver takes their money and resources very seriously. They avoid giving to nonprofits they haven’t researched or just to individuals. Trying to learn to leave room for the unexpected is good.

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