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Online Shopping

One of the only good things to come out of our Covid Lockdown has been being able to order my groceries online and have them either delivered or pick them up for free! I LOVE this option. And it’s saving me about $40/week on my grocery budget!

A few years ago when Zach was little, Target started doing order pickups at your car...I would put Zach in the car, drive until he fell asleep, put in my order on my Target APP, and before he woke up, it was ready for pickup. It was awesome. Now I use it because I’m able to compare prices online between my favorite stores (Albertsons and Target) and get the best price on everything my family needs. Then I just drive by in the afternoon and they load it all into my car.

Here are a few pros of grocery shopping online:

#1: You can double-check your shelves at home. It is much easier to make sure you’re not buying something you already have at home when you can just go into your kitchen and look. This can also make it easier to plan meals based on items you already have in stock as well.

#2: Stick to your list and cut back on impulse buys. This has been a huge saver for me! I can easily get sucked into deals at the store and purchase items that I don’t need just because they are such a good deal. Also, by doing it online, I can compare prices on the same items at different stores. The price difference can be amazing sometimes.

#3: You can easily take stuff out of the cart. How many times have you gone to pay at the store and been shocked by the total? With an online cart, you can edit your cart before you pay to make sure that you stay within budget. Plus no embarrassment of having to ask to have things removed!

Just make sure that you aren’t paying a service fee for delivery that causes you to lose the savings from online shopping. And if you do have your groceries delivered, make sure you tip!

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