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Our Journey

After many years of struggling financially, Nathan and I found ourselves in severe financial trouble. We had short sold our condo and were living with my parents. We had accumulated $114,000 in debt and had no plan of how to get out of it. After many attempts to figure our way out on our own, we came across financial personality Dave Ramsey on the radio. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard his show and I came home and told Nathan I had heard a finance guy who has a plan for how to get out of debt!

We created a plan using Dave’s 7 Baby Steps and a burden was lifted off our shoulders. As we slowly moved forward, we were able to pay off all our debt and had the privilege of calling Dave’s radio show to do our Debt Free Scream! Ben even came home from school early that day. It had taken 4½ years of hard work, but we were finally debt free. We continued to save for our Emergency Fund and a house to purchase and thankfully in March 2019 we were able to purchase a house.

While this was not always easy, we were able to work together and had a plan to follow and keep us focused on our goal. We weren’t always perfect, but we kept on track. I remember saying to Nathan when we finished paying off our debt that I couldn’t believe we actually followed through and did it. His response was, “of course we did...nothing else had worked”.

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