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Running out of Money

Do you have more month than money? 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck right now! It will never matter how big your paycheck is if you’re always spending it on the past (like credit card bills).

You can stop the cycle of running out of money by following these 4 steps:

#1: Prioritize your spending. Look at your expenses for the month. Besides bills, where are you consistently spending your money? Do you see a pattern? Then decide if that spending is on a want or a need. Creating a budget will help you see where your money is going before it is gone each month.

#2: Pay your important bills. If you’re running out of money each month, make sure your 4 walls are paid first. Food, Utilities, Shelter, Transportation. If you can’t pay the credit card this month, they can wait. You must take care of your family before paying debt. I know personally how stressful this can be, but there is a way out.

#3: Find ways to cut spending. Find substitutes where you are spending your money to cut costs. Brew your own coffee. Use coupons. Review your subscriptions. Every little bit of savings adds up and helps. You will need to be disciplined, but little changes make a big difference.

#4: Find ways to make extra money. Deliver food. Shop for groceries. Sign up for Amazon Flex. Get creative and use your talents to make extra money. Even if it’s not a lot and even if it’s not consistent, it will make a difference. And you’ll feel in control as you are actively changing your future.

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