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Saving Tips for Summer Part 2

Continuing on our Saving tips for Summer (and beyond) here are 5 more ways.

#6: Earn money selling old clothes. While you’re cleaning out your closet, you may find clothes that are too nice to sell at the garage sale. Try selling them online at ThredUP or Poshmark. Or if you’re local there’s Uptown Cheapskate. I personally have purchased clothes through these places, so it’s also a great way to save money when buying clothes!

#7: Save money on Summer camps by creating your own. Summer camps may be limited this summer anyways, and you could save $200-800 for a week of summer camp. Get inspired by Rachel Cruze’s list of free things to do. Or you can sign up for virtual summer camps online and take advantage of camps you wouldn’t be able to attend normally.

#8: Shop smarter. I have mentioned this one before, by shopping online and cutting out the impulse buys, I am saving $30-50/week! I am able to stick to my shopping list and by not going into the store I save time. Plus I can shop at home and double check what I already have in my cupboards.

#9: Use Coupons. Most stores now have digital coupons when you download their app. I am able to use these in store and also when I shop online. Also, check groupon or living social apps when planning an outing. I know I also receive a lot of coupons each week in the mail, so go through them before you throw them away and see if there is anything useful.

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