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Time Management Part 1

I have always been good at managing my time and getting my work (whether for home or for the job) done in the time I had available. This was important because with all of the tasks that I had to do each day and the limited time to complete, if I got off track it would cause problems. However, when Covid hit, my work and life schedule cleared up quite a bit and my schedule was not so...scheduled. I found that tasks that used to take me an hour were now taking many hours to complete. The lack of structure in my days was allowing me to get lax on my time management.

Time Management is about maximizing your schedule to get more done in less time. The purpose is to allow you to spend more time doing the things that are truly important to you. It is aligning the way we spend our time with our priorities. Time Management will also allow you to be present for each task you have for the day. When at work, you can focus on work; when at home, you can focus on work. You’ll actually get to experience and enjoy your time.

You will also set boundaries for your time and spend that time actually accomplishing things. Work will grow to the time you give it. Boundaries will help you accomplish the work you want to do in the time you have to do it in. Time Management will reduce stress, because you know you have time scheduled for all of your tasks.

Here are some Time Management Tips to help you live an intentional, efficient and low-stress life:

#1: Refuse to Rush. Rushing is a choice. We choose what goes on our calendar. Will you choose to be rushed, burned out and stressed or peaceful, calm and flexible? Be willing to slow down and to be present. 2020 has really taught me this lesson.

#2: Identify what’s most important to you. Time Management is not about doing more things, it’s about doing the right thing at the right time. Most of us are doing too much, we need to focus our time, energy and resources. Your time is finite, you need to decide what is important and what is not.

#3: Recognize the season you’re in. We experience life in seasons. When Ben was young I wanted to do it all: work, be home, exercise, class mom, etc. I had to learn to say no and focus on the things that fit into that season of my life. You need to have wisdom to discern what is best for you, and your family, during the season that you’re in. And remember that seasons change. Things that may have been a priority at one point, may no longer be one.

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