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Tipping Part 2

I know that many people struggle with the idea of tipping, so I’m going to continue sharing with you the rules of being a good case you care. I find the best rule is: when in doubt, be generous.

Tipping while traveling. Tipping housekeeping a couple bucks each night is standard. And remember to tip daily, as you may not always have the same person. Tipping a concierge is only standard if they’ve gone above and beyond for you. Taxi drivers are usually tipped 10-15% and you can add a dollar or two if they help with your luggage. While Uber/Lift say you don’t have to tip drivers, I think the same tip for taxi drivers should apply. And don’t forget to rate your Uber & Lift drivers as well.

Tipping at Salons & Spas. Trusting the people who make you beautiful (or handsome) is important. Tipping around 15-20% is standard. Same goes for manicures. But once again, being generous when they’ve done an amazing job is also encouraged. Also, if you are a regular customer, tipping extra during the holidays is always nice as well. This doesn’t have to necessarily be cash, it could be a gift card or some other way to show your appreciation.

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