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Tipping Part 3

This is my final post about tipping and I hope you have found it as informative as I have. Remember when you’re planning your budget for the month to account for tipping. If you can’t afford to tip, then perhaps you can’t afford the service. Tipping teaches you how to be generous to others, which is important in life.

Tipping grocery pick up or delivery. One of the things I love currently is online shopping and pick up. One of the reasons is because it’s free and I don’t have to tip. When you order from the grocery store directly, they are not allowed to take tips. I do give a heartfelt thank you each time. However, if you use a grocery delivery service, you should plan to tip 10-15% for this service.

Other tipping situations. When sending flowers, you should tip the driver $2-5. Professional movers should most definitely get a nice tip, between $20-50 per mover is standard. No tip necessary for installers or for your contractor, but you should tip the wedding officiant at your wedding. As far as the babysitter goes, that is up to you and your relationship with them.

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