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What is a Daily Money Manager?

As a Financial Coach I have met many people who are no longer able to maintain their daily finances. This is where adding Daily Money Manager services allows me to help more people with their money. Oftentimes as people become older, they are no longer able to manage their daily finances and this task falls to family or friends. This can cause an undue burden on that relationship. As a DMM I am able to assist the client and their family and help manage their money. Having a DMM also helps prevent fraud on accounts, avoid late fees or overdraft fees and gives a sense of comfort to the client.

Daily Money Managers can also assist Small Business Owners with their finances. Often entrepreneurs are not experienced money people and I am able to help them and create a budget and plan for their business finances. This frees up time for them to focus on their business knowing their finances are in order.

Here is a great article that further explains a Daily Money Manager. If you think this may be something helpful for you or a loved one, schedule a consultation today.

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