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Holiday Stress Part 3

The Holidays should be wonderful, but often they are difficult, demanding and stressful. Today is my last post of handling Holiday Stress. Hopefully you’ve found these to be as helpful as I have found them. Although some stress is good and keeps us focused and driven, we want to keep it at healthy levels so that we can enjoy our holiday time.

#10: Get plenty of sleep and stay healthy. I know this is hard, especially for parents. Even without Covid, staying healthy this time of year can be hard. However, getting plenty of sleep not only helps your body’s immune system to stay physically healthy, it also keeps your anxiety levels low. Don’t burn the candle at both ends by staying up late and then having to be up won’t be at your best.

#11: Protect your downtime. This goes along with saying “no”. Keep some time set aside for yourself and give yourself some time for peace and quiet. Read a book, have a quiet time with God or even watch your favorite holiday movie. I think this is especially hard for moms this time of year, when there is always something that needs to be done...but downtime needs to be on your calendar as well.

#12: Dealing with cancelled plans. 2020 has been the year of cancelled plans and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight, sadly. Whatever you’re going through with cancelled plans, it’s important to reset your expectations. Give your family (and yourself) extra grace this year because situations are not “normal”. Make this the year of the Christmas Reset.

#13: Make connection your #1 priority. Christmas is meant to be filled with joy and thankfulness and lingering dinner conversations with lots of laughter. But this doesn’t happen accidentally, it needs to be intentional. Don’t let the month be a blur, slow down and enjoy time with people. Think about what you really want this holiday season.

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